1 Little Known Condition Causing Weight Gain in Women Over 35!

If you are like me and have been frustrated with extra fat and bloating around your waist and abdomen, you will also be pleased to know that sometimes those extra pounds have little to do with how many crunches you’re doing or how much less food you’re eating and everything to do with a shift […]

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If You Clean the Gut, You Lose the Gut!

We all know what belly fat is; we see it every day when we walk out of the house. Although it is very common, most people do not know that belly fat is the most dangerous fat on the body. Belly fat, known as visceral fat, is located behind your abdominal wall and surrounds your […]

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The Busy Woman’s Answer to Weight Loss WITHOUT Diets or Exercise

I realized there were a lot of hard-working women like me who didn’t always have time to diet or exercise, but still wanted to lose weight and stay slim; And now, my new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!, is written just for them. Do you want to lose weight without counting calories, […]

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Happy Holidays! As we move closer to Christmas, I’m going to provide 12 tips, one each day, that will help you lose those 12 pounds that most of us gain during the holiday season! DAY 2: EAT MORE, NOT LESS Yes, You want to eat more frequently to keep your metabolism revved up through the […]

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