Clean Eating and Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet and Clean Eating Roadmap

I’ve found the best things in life are not only free, but also simple! Back when I started taking my health seriously, I found myself confused on what a balanced diet and eating healthy really meant. It was like every time I got on the Internet to find some answers, I found myself confused by […]

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JJ Answers the Top Weight Loss Challenges From the FORUM!!

I’ve answered some of your top weight loss challenges from the FORUM! I’ll keep answering questions every week, so keep posting! Btw, I mention page 188 in the book…well I meant to say page 181! My bad:-)

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This book is for you if you: – Want to lose weight but don’t always have time to diet or exercise – Don’t want to count calories, starve yourself or do grueling workouts – Want to look and feel younger than you have in years? CLICK HERE to read the first few chapters of Lose […]

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The Busy Woman’s Answer to Weight Loss WITHOUT Diets or Exercise

I realized there were a lot of hard-working women like me who didn’t always have time to diet or exercise, but still wanted to lose weight and stay slim; And now, my new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!, is written just for them. Do you want to lose weight without counting calories, […]

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3 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

In my new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!, a popular section is called, Diet Foods that Make You Fat. There are many products marketed as “diet” because they have some reduced amount of sugar or fat. But without looking at all the ingredients, you won’t be able to identify the hidden ones […]

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Is Your SAD Diet Making You Fat?

An important link between weight gain and toxic overload in the body is the quality of the food we eat. Food is our energy source, and the more nutritional the food, the better the body will function. If we choose foods that are nutrient-rich, organic, and free of toxins, the body will receive and absorb […]

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