Hot Detox Methods: Bikram Yoga & Sauna

Detoxing is all about resting, cleansing, and rejuvenating the body from the inside out. Detoxing  helps with protecting you from disease and renews your ability to be the healthiest version of you! There are over 21 detox methods that I use regularly, but two of my favorite hot detox methods include Bikram yoga and the …

Lose Weight But Keep the Curves Pt. IV: Squats

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I see your vision, Ma! You’ve been working hard
 to lose weight and get the body you desire. The weight is coming off and you’ve started seeing results, but you’ve noticed that as the pounds go, your curves are going along with them.  Contrary to popular belief, you can lose weight and KEEP YOUR CURVES …

Don’t Like to Exercise, Try SEXercise!

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Sexercising routines not only help you get fit, they also help you get your sexy back. Keep in mind that men are very visual creatures, and having a little sex appeal will not only give you more confidence in your feminine self, but will also help you attract more men. There are four popular types …

Why Physical Activity is More Important Than Exercise

There are many types of physical activity. Exercise is just one type of physical activity where you set aside a time to go work out or move your body. Exercise, which has some good health benefits, is when you set aside time for physical activity that increases your heart and lung activity while also strengthening …

Hollywood’s Secrets to Burn Fat Without Working Out

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You may not have even heard of it yet, but whole-body vibration (WBV) is the exercise of the future and could likely become as common as the treadmill is today. The WBV machine uses a vibrating plate that you stand on for ten to fifteen minutes, causing rapid muscle contractions that burn calories and provide …