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  • Fed Up with Being Overweight and Tired
  • Starting to feel old, achy, and tired all the time!
  • Starting to Look Older than You’d Like…with Cellulite, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Want to Get Your Sexy Back or Get it for The First Time!
  • Live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to have enough money to do everything you want to do
  • Attract the wrong type of men, namely the unavailable man and want to find the love of your life
  • Can’t stay motivated to save your life…

Well, if you answered YES to any of these questions, you
definitely want to join JJ’s Private VIP Group!

I went From a Size 20 to a Size 8!


“The best thing about VIP is all the love, support and encouragement everyone pours out. I love being able to express myself without people judging or ridiculing me! The coaching calls, online chat, and being able to download all the great information JJ SMITH and others have to offer.”

JJ’s Private VIP Support Group is called SLAY At Any Age™! It’s for those who want to get to the next level and live the life of their dreams. If you want to level-up and lose weight, look and feel younger, make more money, attract more love or simply get your mind right, join today!

Joining VIP Was the Best Investment of MY Life!


“The best thing that being in VIP is having JJ answer all our questions. She interacts with us on the page and I truly love that. The energy in VIP is so positive and uplifting. Since being in VIP, I have lost 75 pounds and my iron levels are normal. The daily chats and conference calls are the bomb. The knowledge that I gain is priceless.”

I’ve Lost 80 Pounds any My Life is Forever Changed!


Kelly has lost 80 pounds on the Green Smoothie Cleanse and DHEMM system. She looks fantastic! She’s not only been successful in her journey but she continues to encourage others as well. Help me show Kelly some love! She Says… “I joined the VIP Group in October 2014 and have lost 80 Pounds on my journey, which started on 03/17/14. Exactly 15 months from my 40th birthday. I was on 5 medications and only 38 years old. It was crazy. I read the book after being told about by my co-worker sister friend. Our lives are forever changed. I live the DEM system lifestyle everyday because of what the GSC lifestyle taught me.”


PARTICIPATE IN THE CLOSED FACEBOOK GROUP: In the closed Facebook group is where we share healthy recipes, detox methods, fitness advice and many other topics that help us stay committed to this healthy lifestyle change. Be sure to hold yourself accountable by checking in with the group each day.
ACCESS TO PHIL WEEDEN WORKOUT VIDEOS: Get customized workouts from Xtreme Fitness Star, Phil Weeden, that will have you hyped while getting amazing results in just a few minutes. The workouts include upper body, lower body, abs and stretching. JJ and her team also makes a guest appearance in these videos.
ATTEND SISTER CHATS (COACHING CALLS): Live VIP Video Coaching Calls called Sister Chats, held with JJ Smith on 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7pm EST. This is where JJ teaches various health, weight loss, career, and love topics and answers your questions while on the hour-long call.
PARTICIPATE IN THE ONLINE CHAT: Every weekday from 12-1PM EST, JJ is in the VIP group to answer your questions in real-time in the VIP Facebook Group! Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!
Healthy Cookbooks, Recipes and Meal Plans: There are 2 cookbooks of healthy, high-protein meals available, including a Holiday Cookbook with your favorite holiday dishes. These recipes will provide healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks.
VIP GIVEAWAYS: Every month, we have Giveaways and Contests. Prizes include: $1000 Cash Giveaway (Two $500 Winners), $250 Shopping Sprees, Portable Saunas, Vitamixes, and a Hormone Panel.
THE ONLINE VIP PORTAL: All the resources, tips, tools, Phil Weeden workout videos and handouts are in the portal including Goals Worksheets, Video Tips, Healthy Food Substitutions, Food Journal and Motivational Tips and More!
Fat vs Skinny Food Chart: This guide will help you learn exactly “what to eat” on the DEM System to achieve your sexy, slim healthy body. You will learn over 200 foods to help the body burn fat and the foods that cause the body to store fat so you can achieve your weight loss goals.
DAILY EMAILS FROM JJ: Look for emails from JJ daily to keep you inspired and motivated each day. They will teach, inspire and motivate you to continue along your weight loss journey!

BONUS 1: DHEMM SYSTEM Weight Loss Starter Kit

DHEMM SYSTEM Weight Loss Starter Kit: After your first 30 days, you will receive the DHEMM System Weight Loss Starter kit which will give you a 100+ page eBook that details how to do the DHEMM System so you can finally get to your goal weight. (Value $59)

The DHEMM System is a complete weight-management program designed to help your body clear out old toxic waste that contributes to excess fat in the body, help you balance your hormones, get your mind right and get physically active all while eating healthy, natural foods.

BONUS 2: Eat Clean Cookbook, 30-Day Sugar Detox and Weight Loss Checklist!

After 90 Days of participating as a VIP member, you will get the following 3 bonuses:

  • Eat Clean Cookbook eBook ($20): Eat Clean With 100 Flavorful Recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (105 pages)
  • Weight Loss Checklist eBook ($20): To help you break through weight loss plateaus and get unstuck on your weight loss journey (9 pages)
  • JJ’S 30-DAY SUGAR DETOX CHALLENGE eBOOK ($20): JJ’s 30-Day Sugar Detox will help you eliminate your cravings for sugar, sweets, breads and make it easier to stick

I Like Being in VIP Because of JJ’s Daily Emails!


“The best thing about VIP is being part of a movement that is helping not just women but every person that wants to make a life change. VIP helps you to realize that this is not a diet, this is a life changing decision. The goal is that we all choose to live better today than yesterday. If we fall off the wagon, someone is always encouraging you not to give up and a mistake is not a failure.”

I’ve Lost 50 Pounds Since I Joined the VIP Group in December


“As of today October 2, 2015 I have lost 74 pounds! The excitement that I feel from just trying on my old clothes each week brings tears to my eyes. The blessings have continued. My health has improved tremendously. I no longer take medication for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or the steroids to control my RA flare ups. My RA injections have now been moved to every other week instead of weekly. I’m walking, running, and feeling stronger everyday. My doctors are amazed at my improvement and will be making a decision for me to return to work soon. I can’t count the number of times I was told “God said you are healed” I never imagined that healing would be in the form of a person. I was looking for that miracle drug or mistaken diagnosis. It turned out that JJ Smith you’re the person God placed in my life, and those green smoothies are my new miracle drugs! My one piece of advice to others in a similar situation to me would be “Trust God and Imagine Tomorrow Happier and Healthier than your Today Is!”

Meet JJ Smith

JJ Smith is a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Nutritionist
and Certified Weight-Loss Expert Who Has Helped Folks

  • Nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert, passionate relationship/life coach, and inspirational speaker
  • NY Times Bestselling Author of multiple books, including the #1 bestseller, 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, which is published in 21 different languages/countries
  • Former host of Real Talk with JJ and the Fellas, and the author of Why I Love Men: The Joys of Dating
  • The youngest African-American to receive a Vice President position at a Fortune 500 company, and author of Rich Diva: 10 Secrets for Six-Figure Women
  • Weight Loss and Wellness Coach to half million people, helping folks lose over 2 million pounds
  • 2 time NAACP Image Award Nominee

Learn More About JJ Smith Here:

I Have Lost About 30 Pounds and Being in VIP is a Life-Saver!


“GSC/VIP has been a life changer and life saver. The groups are my motivators. And joining VIP is the best decision in my life. Having the daily reminders, check ins, recipes and the bi-monthly coaching calls from jj! And for me, just hearing your voice and you being totally honest with us, keeps me real and keeps me on track.”

Yes! I’m ready to Register for

$19.99/MONTH, Cancel at any time

Here’s what you get when you sign up for JJ’s VIP Group:

– Live weekly video calls with JJ Smith –
– “Slay At Any Age” eBook –
– JJ Smith’s meal plan and recipe digital cookbook –
– Fun instructional workout videos ft. Phil Weeden –
– VIP portal to access all your materials –
– Private FB Group with JJ Smith and nutrition coaches –
– Daily motivational emails from JJ Smith –
– 1 Hour Q&A 5 days a week with JJ Smith –

All of this for only $19.99/month!


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There Hasn’t Been an Inspirational Community for
Those Serious About Losing Weight…. Until NOW!



“I never thought in my adult life I’d be the size that I was in college and then go below that. I never thought people would be saying ‘looking good, I see ya!’ I never thought I’d be set up to be rocking a swimsuit in Summer, which is something I didn’t do when I was younger because I was ashamed of my body. I’ve never had a sister but through VIP, I have more than enough!”

Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy:

Although VIP Members will get the highest priority for responses in the Facebook group, there is no guarantee that JJ or anyone on her team will answer every question in the group.

To cancel, just email and you will no longer be billed for your monthly subscription. There are no refunds with this VIP monthly subscription service but you cancel at any time.

Prices subject to change with 30 days advanced notice.

VIP Membership is sold with the understanding that Adiva Publishing is not engaged in rendering any legal, health, medical or other professional advice. If a medical or legal expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought as no one at Adiva Publishing is a medical practitioner.

Adiva Publishing shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person, company or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the concepts, ideas, products, information or suggested tasks presented in the VIP Group. The people and testimonials on this website reflect the results of very committed individuals. Given that many people are not as committed as those on this website, there is no guarantee of specific results.  Therefore, individual weight loss may vary from person to person. By registering for VIP membership, you agree to be bound to the statements made in this policy.

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