Think Yourself Thin

Unlock the missing piece in your weight loss journey and embark on a transformative path to lasting success with JJ Smith’s “Think Yourself Thin.” This revolutionary guidebook, penned by the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, “10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse,” is a game-changer that delves deep into the mental strategies vital for achieving permanent weight loss.

JJ Smith’s remarkable insight, drawn from her extensive experience helping dieters shed over two million pounds in just two years, reveals the paramount importance of mental mastery in the pursuit of a healthier, slimmer you. In “Think Yourself Thin,” JJ guides you to the heart of your weight loss struggles, addressing the spiritual and emotional factors entwined with your eating behaviors. By applying the principles and strategies outlined within these pages, you’ll gain the tools needed to take control of your weight, transform your health, and embrace the joy of attaining your dream body.

The book is divided into four indispensable parts:

  • Part 1: “Five Stages of Weight Loss”
    Uncover the five psychological stages crucial for achieving weight loss and sustaining it over time.
  • Part 2: “The Solutions: Seven Mental Strategies for Weight-Loss Success”
    Introducing the SUCCESS System—a comprehensive framework that imparts seven essential mental strategies, habits, and approaches required for permanent weight loss.
  • Part 3: “30-Day Mental Mastery Challenge”
    Engage in a transformative thirty-day journey, replete with exercises designed to reinforce the principles taught in the SUCCESS System. This challenge will empower you to forge new habits and behaviors that foster enduring and sustainable weight loss.
  • Part 4: “Motivational Success Stories”
    Draw inspiration from over fifteen motivational success stories and accompanying images that showcase the remarkable achievements of individuals who conquered poor eating habits, health issues, low motivation, and depression to shed weight and maintain their new, healthier lives.

“Think Yourself Thin” redefines the way you approach weight loss, starting with the most critical aspect—your mindset. Let JJ be your guide on this incredible journey towards permanent weight loss and lasting health. Dive into a world of motivation, empowerment, and transformation.

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