“At 65yrs old, I never imagined that I would enjoy the benefits of improving my health, mental wellness and getting my sexy back”

My cholesterol level has dropped from 212 to 132. I no longer need my asthma and inflammation reduction medicine. My medical digestive issues have disappeared. I have energy where I was constantly out of breath and tired. I’ve dropped 65lbs within 8 months and I have been able to maintain that loss. I achieve my original goal! I was size 18 and I now wear size 4… I face life with more confidence and the peace of having clear headed thinking. I know that God had JJ to cross my life’s path; and, I know this is a lifelong journey where I cannot stray from JJ’s guidance without seeing negative health aspects creep back in my life. I continue to encourage others to get on this healthy journey.

Over 2 Million pounds lost

Thanks to JJ and her methods

“After 18 days, I lost 15 pounds! Thanks JJ Smith for sharing your wisdom.”

Paula E

“By Day 11, I had lost 25 pounds, from 245 to 220 pounds!”

Aghonii S

“I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Received My Life Back! I’m a 30-year-old woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain despite dieting and exercise. PCOS had caused me to have irregular cycles. By Day 4 into the green smoothie cleanse, I started my cycle for the first time on my own in over 10 years! I would normally go a year or so without my cycle. Medications that the doctors prescribed didn’t even work. My relationship with food has completely changed! Carbs were my main addiction! I would have dinner with two carbs and no vegetables. However, 124 days later, I haven’t touched a carb. My energy is amazing—I haven’t needed the daily nap I had become so used to. I’m now grateful to my mother for talking me out of the bypass surgery. I’m on a natural high, and life is so amazing. JJ Smith and the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse have completely changed and saved my life forever! “

Meka T

“I have lost 100 pounds on JJ’s DEM System and green smoothie cleanse. Since then, I’ve completed five rounds, and I’m focusing on addressing my hormones. I have a waist now, with a real indention. I’ve continued to need smaller bras; my neck has gotten leaner and so has my face. My skin is brighter, smoother, and clearer. Spots on my face are disappearing because of the balancing of the hormones. I truly have no more limitations. My circulation is even more improved. My energy is through the roof. I bound up the stairs. I enjoy Zumba again. Once I finish addressing the belly fat—which is going away—I will continue to maintain this healthy style of life.”

Angela W

Katrina, a member of the GSC Family, lost 50 pounds and looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


This beautiful lady, Shirley has beyond got her sexy back!


“After 5 ½ weeks, I’m down 26 pounds since starting this cleanse. I will continue this journey, not just for the weight loss, but because of my increase of Energy, Healthy Skin and Hair, and like Stephanie Mills say, Baby…I Feel Good All Over!!”

Pamela B

Our VIP Member, Trissi, has gone from a size 20 to a size 8! Her success is so inspiring!


CHECK OUT LANISSA! She says “I have officially lost 100 pounds, 62 pounds in 4 months since doing the green smoothie cleanse!”


WOW! Help me celebrate Deborah’s success… she’s gone from a Size 18 to a Size 4 and looks extraordinary… She’s living the GSC/DHEMM Life!


“I have lost about 70 pounds and no longer have to take blood pressure medication. Before the Cleanse, I spent every day in pain, on several medicines for several diseases all caused by obesity…fibromyalgia, PCOS, psoriatic arthritis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. After the 10 days of the green smoothie cleanse, I had lost over 11 pounds and looked like a different person! I was sleeping good, aches and pains had all but disappeared, and I could think clearly! I went on the modified version and continued to lose weight. I am so pleased with myself…with the real me. I can’t go back to that way of life. I won’t go back to that unhealthy way of eating—it was a living hell for me, and there is nothing in that hell that I want or need! Who would have ever believed that I would find new life in a few greens and some fruit? “

Regina G

Deedee has lost 195 POUNDS and has stayed committed to her journey! You know it’s all about the journey and she has made a lifestyle change, and ain’t no stopping her now!


“I am about that GSC Life! I have lost 40 pounds and I hope I can inspire others like those that have inspired me. I started GSC back in April 2014 and I have never looked back to my unhealthy lifestyle. Most people thought I was crazy or doing a knew weight loss gimmick until they seen me now and they want to be apart of that GSC Life. I have to remind people to not do this just to lose some quick pounds. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. Anybody can lose quick weight but can you maintain that weight loss and still be healthy. That is the question?! “

Kamika B

“I am now 224 LBS have a total loss of 51.9 LBS !!!!!!!!! I feel like I am 25 years old again…. and also I didn’t do a single exercise until 45 days into the GSC program. My finish goal is 200 lbs with a total loss of 76 lbs!!! I am well on my way….once again thank you all for your support and encouragement!!”


“I lost 15 pounds in 10 days! I wanted everyone to see how great this cleanse is and how great your results can be!! This cleanse is a life changer, and so worth 10 days out of your life!!”

Marki M

“When got pregnant, I used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything in sight, because I was convinced the weight would just fall right off after my son was born. Consequently, I gained over 50 pounds. After I finished the 10-day green smoothie cleanse, my skin looked clear and bright. My stomach didn’t stick out as far. I had so much more energy. My mental clarity and focus at work were profound. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good! This jump-start on weight loss was just the thing I needed to continue my journey. I have since done four full cleanses, stuck closely to the modified, and taken up running again—something I loved to do years and years ago. I’ve lost a total of 35 pounds on the Cleanse now, and I am not stopping anytime soon!”

Chelsea K

“I lost 93 pounds in 8 months! My hair, skin, and nails are in the best shape they have been in years. I have dropped from a size 22/24 to an 8/10. Who has ever heard of having energy to spare? Well, that’s me! Marla had gone missing in action for over twenty years, but no longer. I smile and laugh freely now. There is still a ways to go on this journey, but I will get there. I feel so blessed to have been given this precious gift. This Cleanse is a mega life-changer. My only hope is that anyone who is searching gets introduced to this healthy lifestyle.”

Marla W

Qunia did the 10-day green smoothie cleanse and lost 20 pounds in 10 days… WHOA… most people lose between 10-15 pounds. Qunia had decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and she was ready to live her best life! Well, lo and behold, she did the 10-day green smoothie cleanse and dropped 20 pounds in 10 days!


“By Day 11, I dropped 3 pant sizes; I’m feeling great, skin is gleaming, more energy, and no cravings for sweets and bye, by muscle aches!”

Melodee F

Akilah shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus! Belly fat be gone!  She eats clean and drinks plenty of water.  Her workouts are about 3 days per week.


Kendra shows her 8 month progress with Green Smoothies, Liver Focus and Strength Training! Belly on flat flat! They’re showing her a lot of love in my green smoothie Facebook group.


“I went from a Size 14 to a Size 6 and lost 40 Pounds! Just like many others, I have struggled with my weight all my life. There was not a time I can remember that I was not on a diet. About 20 years ago, I started to have issues with my back, and after many procedures, physical therapy, and surgeries, I had a spinal fusion. The weight started to creep up on me, and I did my best to keep it under control, but it was difficult now that I was unable to do the many physical things I used to be able to do. However, using the tools JJ Smith gave me, I embarked on a journey of renewed health, weight loss, and happiness I had not experienced in years. With every passing day, I felt better, my depression lifted, my skin cleared up, and I slept better. The next time I had my blood work done, my doctor informed me that my pre-diabetes was reversed. In five short months, I got my health and my foxy back. “

Doris C

Tonya Gray gives us some. She looks amazing and says GSC4LYFE!

Tonya Gray

Kristian said if you still need proof Liver Focus works, she is it! Please show her some love, she looks incredible!


“Amazing how my stomach went down. It’s Day 10 on the green smoothie challenge. Down 10 pounds!”


Tari did that! She said green smoothies, Liver Focus and exercise got her there!


“Day 11- I made it! While a challenge, the rewards were huge. Drumroll. Down 14 pounds! Yay! I feel amazing. I believe I have a new habit. Thank you JJ, this was the best thing I’ve done in years and I feel healthier.”

Nichole K

“When I got pregnant, I used it as an excuse to eat anything and everything in sight, because I was convinced the weight would just fall right off after my son was born. Consequently, I gained over 50 pounds. After I finished the 10-day green smoothie cleanse, my skin looked clear and bright. My stomach didn’t stick out as far. I had so much more energy. My mental clarity and focus at work were profound. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good! This jump-start on weight loss was just the thing I needed to continue my journey. I have since done four full cleanses, stuck closely to the modified, and taken up running again-something I loved to do years and years ago.”


“I Lost 46 Pounds and a became a healthy BMI and weight where I could donate a kidney to my dad! Ever since being diagnosed with PCOS, I was told it would be difficult to lose weight. It was somewhat drilled into my head. And I began to use that as my crutch. I was on every diet and medication possible to lose weight but was never successful in the long term. I was a little apprehensive about starting the green smoothie cleanse since I was such a picky eater and never was too fond of eating greens. After completing my first cleanse, I lost 13 pounds and gained so much energy. I was definitely a believer! I’ve been on this journey now for seven months, and so far I’ve lost close to 46 pounds and am currently a size 4. I am eating clean meals daily and walk at least 3 miles a day. Also, I am no longer on blood pressure medicine and no longer need the CPAP for my sleep apnea.”

Shawn M

Crystal shows that amazing results are possible if you stay committed to your goal! Look at that lovely waistline!


Wow! 2019 was Stephani’s year! She said she’s loving the new her. Liver focus and Mag07 got her right, BAM! She says she also drinks a gallon of water per day, workouts most weekdays, drinks a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and healthy dinner.  Now this is what you call a lifestyle change.


Kelly has lost 80 pounds on the Green Smoothie Cleanse and DHEMM system. She looks fantastic! She’s not only been successful in her journey but she continues to encourage others as well. Help me show Kelly some love! She Says… “I joined the VIP Group in October 2014 and have lost 80 Pounds on my journey, which started on 03/17/14. Exactly 15 months from my 40th birthday. I was on 5 medications and only 38 years old. It was crazy. I read the book after being told about by my co-worker sister friend. Our lives are forever changed. I live the DEM system lifestyle everyday because of what the GSC lifestyle taught me.”


“I’ve tried all types of weight loss plans over the years and I never experienced anything like this…..thank you!”

June H

Faye still going strong on green smoothies and Liver Focus!


Jeana, our VIP Member, says Green Smoothies Do the Body Good. She was diagnosed with an illness that causes her to have mobility challenges, but that didn’t stop her! She’s overcome alot and continues to inspire each of us daily in VIP!


Pherisse shared her 10-day results… 10 days can truly jumpstart your weight loss!


“Loving, living and enjoying my healthy life to the fullest… Bye bye old me. I decided to make the change for myself. If I didn’t do it for myself, who was going to.. I felt down and depressed and didn’t like the way I look. Today I feel great and healthier than ever. GSC (green smoothie cleanse) changed my life, I love the support from my GSC family and thank you JJ Smith for everything.”


“My name is Roberta Givens and I’m a mother of four boys and a baby girl. On March 17, 2015, I started the JJ Smith 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I completed 14 days for my first cleanse, and even though I had a few slip ups, I still lost an amazing 22 pounds. That changed my life forever. Since March 17th, I’ve been following the modified version of the green smoothie cleanse and I’ve lost a total of 82 pounds, for a total of 117 pounds over the past year and a half. Knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, gives me the strength to be successful at all things, including overcoming this weight obstacle. After having my children, I was determined to win this battle of the bulge, and even with a few slip ups, when you’re dedicated nothing can stop you from getting to where you’re trying to be. Prayer, combined with determination and dedication, equals success!!! I thank God for JJ Smith! I also thank JJ Smith for creating and sharing her knowledge with us! She was and is still truly a God sent blessing in my life, and because of her, my life has changed forever and I will never be the same! I will always be thankful and eternally grateful for the JJ Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse!!!”


“I lost 16.4 pounds in 10 days and I feel great!”

Tim C

“Down 35 Pounds in 2 months! No starvation, energy for days, no diet pills, just good all natural food. Who knew it could be this easy? I used to be dragging myself out of bed at 6:30 every morning. Now I am up at 4:30 no alarm wide awake. My skin is clearer. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I have discovered that I love certain foods I never ate before. And I have created a new healthy lifestyle that I will continue to live. Before the cleanse I was lost. I am an aerobic instructor and was still gaining weight. I now realize how toxic my body was! Once the detox started, the fat just melted off. I look at my before and after pics and am simply amazed. This is the best thing I could have done for myself. I have even gotten my older daughter to drink the smoothies too! The 10 day green smoothie cleanse has truly been a life changing thing for me. My cravings for refined carbs are gone!! You are talking to a few times a week donut eater. Fast food was my middle name. I can’t wait to see where this new lifestyle leads me!”

Lisa B

We often talk about that GREEN SMOOTHIE GLOW… that radiant skin you get after drinking green smoothies!! Marla shows off her GSC Glow… She’s gone from a size 22/24 to a size 4/6 (losing 110 POUNDS).


“To my GSC Family who may be struggling on this journey, just remember the ending of a thing is way better than the beginning of a thing….So I say to you keep pressing…. I never would’ve thought I would have such a new zeal for life and myself! All I can say is this GSC LIFE GOT ME RIGHT!”


Ja’nell lost 27 pounds and her waist is snatched!! Yes, that green smoothie cleanse will get rid of belly fat like nobody’s bizness!


We talk about that GREEN SMOOTHIE GLOW… well Carla has it! She’s about that GSC Life and not only has she lost 30 pounds, but she has tapped into the fountain of youth!


Meka lost 140 pounds and got to celebrate her success! She looks extraordinary. She did the 10-day green smoothie cleanse, and never looked back!


Kamil stayed committed and lost 72 pounds and she looks absolutely stunning!


“After I finished the 10-day green smoothie cleanse, my skin looked clear and bright. My stomach didn’t stick out as far. I had so much more energy. My mental clarity and focus at work were profound. I can’t remember the last time I felt so good! This jump-start on weight loss was just the thing I needed to continue my journey. I have since done four full cleanses, stuck closely to the modified, and taken up running again-something I loved to do years and years ago. I’ve lost a total of 45 pounds on the Cleanse now, and I am not stopping anytime soon!”

Chelsea K

“By Day 11, I dropped 3 pant sizes; I’m feeling great, skin is gleaming, more energy, and no cravings for sweets and bye, by muscle aches!”

Tracey S

Pam, one of our VIP Members has lost over 70 pounds and kept if off for over a year. She has made a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!


“I’ve been living this #gsc (lifestyle) if I can do it anybody can.”


Adria did the 10-Day Green Smoothie Full Cleanse and lost 11 pounds and then followed the guidance in the book to continue her weight loss AFTER THE 10-day cleanse.


“I have lost 40 pounds on the 10-day GSC and my doctor took me off of my insulin and I have more energy!”

Demetrica R

Melodee is about that green smoothie life! She has lost 52 pounds. And encourages every one of us. She is honest, real, smart, funny and blessed! Her message for you today: KEEP GOING!


“Well everyone, I must say I am in disbelief with the new me! The way my body looks now is so fabulous to me! My family and friends cannot believe how much I have slimmed down! I have lost a total of 31 pounds! Wow! Now it’s time to tone and define! No more excuses! Okay? If I can do it, so can you!”


“I completed my 10 day detox and feel really good. I lost 9 lbs and 2 inches from my bust. waist, and hips. Love choosing healthier choices and that my cravings for chocolate and sweets have disappeared. The detox was uncomfortable for the first 2 to 3 days but now I feel so amazing, healthy, and alive. Thanks for this wonderful Green jump start!I’ve ordered the second book for the rest of my journey.”

Michelle L

Melanie is on of our VIP Members who always entertains us and is such a beautiful vibrant member of VIP. She looks great!


“What doesn’t kill you, will make you Stronger and Healthier!!! Go forward…. you will not be disappointed!! Love Everyone!”


“I’ve lost 18 pounds and feeling great. I’m going to continue to work hard!”

Erik C

“I was finally able to reach my ideal weight on the 10-day green smoothie cleanse!”

Chelsea K

“I will never stop! From 378 to 209 and counting. #GreenSmoothiesWorkForMe Help me show her some love!”


Men can do the 10-day green smoothie cleanse too! George did the 10-day green smoothies cleanse, kept drinking green smoothies, started a workout regimen and lost 80 pounds. This is truly a lifestyle change! He’s been with the GSC Family over a year now and he’s become a celebrity having been featured on local news several times sharing his journey!


Show Yolanda some love! She just celebrated her birthday and the end of her 2nd full green smoothie cleanse and BAM! She did that!


“Down 15 Pounds in 20 days! I was totally a breakfast girl, coffee, bacon and all. Today I’m a green girl.”

Taniel B

Look at Tishawn! She looks absolutely phenomenal! She looks 20 years younger! Wow! Green Smoothies and the DHEMM system looks good on her! Help me show her some love! She did that! She says “Since joining the VIP, I’ve learned tools to improve my metabolism, supplements that aid in weight loss, and healthy meals that taste good and keep me on track with my goals! But the best part about the VIP group is being mentored by the woman herself, JJ Smith!!! She is always there in the group, giving tips, advice, and plain ol’ wisdom! I’m so glad that I made this decision for my life!!”


“Lost 15 Pounds in 10 days! I’ve tried it all…. Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Diet Pills, HCG injections, Green Coffee Beans, calorie counting and OTC pills that were a waste of time and my money. This Cleanse has made me regular and stopped my junk food cravings. I’m making healthier food choices, eating out less, and thoroughly enjoying fruits and vegetables.”

Rhonda M

“I’m a GSC Veteran and just wanted to encourage everyone to stay on their continued lifestyle journey to a healthier YOU… Whether it’s Day 1 or Day 101…. I’m on my way to marking almost a year on my GSC lifestyle and I must say it has given me my fountain of youth back @ 43 years old. I’ve never felt my best!!! JJ Smith still got those young bucks after me..‚Looking back is just a reflection of where you were, but looking forward is about where you choosing to go… Don’t give up on yourself as you are so WORTH the choice to live healthy.. I just wanted to say JJ Smith, thanks for helping me find my way back to a healthy lifestyle”


Check out Nikki’s 6 week results on the 10-day green smoothie cleanse.


Mila lost 70 POUNDS and looks AMAZING! We celebrate her success.


“Almost 15 pounds down!! I’m so excited!”

Tabitha R

“I Lost 35 Pounds and am in Remission from Crohn’s/Colitis! After the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, I have energy off the charts, clear skin, clarity, and overall euphoria. I have Crohns/colitis and used to take ten pills a day. I would wake up with abdominal pain or cramps so bad I would be doubled over. When I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s/colitis, I was hospitalized for ten days—five of which I spent in the ICU with tubes down my nose into my stomach. I had major bloating in my stomach all the time. I would wake up with excruciating headaches and would have to take two or three 800 mg ibuprofen three times per day with strong coffee or resort to stronger medication and anti-nausea medication for relief. Now I take my daily vitamins and supplements and am being monitored by my physician, who is so excited and pleased with my results. No headaches, no bloating, no pain, and my insomnia has greatly improved. I am in remission from Crohn’s and have not had any flare-ups as long as I am ingesting one or two smoothies per day and a healthy dinner. Thank you, JJ Smith, for sharing your knowledge and generosity with the world so we too can live a healthier life.”

Cinderella B

“This is what the green smoothie life did for me. But I’m not finished yet. Watch out world.”


“”OMG Day 10 today and I made the challenge and going to continue doing it. I lost 14 pounds and never felt better.””

Cheryl G

“My success since being in the VIP group has been increased in comparison to the GSC 10 day group. The best thing about VIP is that we have access to JJ Smith. The friendship, commodore and motivation, gives each of us the strength to go in; strength for when we fall.”


“I’m a GSC Fanatic! They have completely transformed my body and life. I have more energy, am more conscious of what I am putting in my body and look and feel great. I have never had low self esteem, yet this new confidence that I walk in daily, is something AMAZING!!!! GSC, it’s not a diet, It’s a LIFE STYLE!!!”


Mrs. Velda did the 10-day green smoothie cleanse and lost 10 pounds and 10 inches in 10 days! Don’t she look sassy and beautiful.

Mrs. Velda

“Praise Break Down 11.2 pounds and a whole lot of inches!!! Raccoon eyes are so much lighter! Bought me a new pair of jeans off clearance a size SMALLER than what I wore 12 days ago!!! What’s coming is BETTER than what has been! ‪I am about that Green Smoothie Life”

Melodee F

“As of today October 2, 2015 I have lost 74 pounds! The excitement that I feel from just trying on my old clothes each week brings tears to my eyes. The blessings have continued. My health has improved tremendously. I no longer take medication for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or the steroids to control my RA flare ups. My RA injections have now been moved to every other week instead of weekly. I’m walking, running, and feeling stronger everyday. My doctors are amazed at my improvement and will be making a decision for me to return to work soon. I can’t count the number of times I was told “God said you are healed” I never imagined that healing would be in the form of a person. I was looking for that miracle drug or mistaken diagnosis. It turned out that JJ Smith you’re the person God placed in my life, and those green smoothies are my new miracle drugs! My one piece of advice to others in a similar situation to me would be “Trust God and Imagine Tomorrow Happier and Healthier than your Today Is!”


“Down 14.6 Pounds, over 12 inches, in 20 days! Feeling great on living green. The great thing about it is that its NOT a diet!”

Shirley C

“I’ve lost 57 pounds total since I did my first green smoothie cleanse in February of this year! Before my mom told me about the cleanse & after having two children 11 months apart, I had tried every single diet pill, meal plan & exercise possible with little to no success. I was so discouraged and felt as if it would be easier to just give up & be content with the then 192 pound me. But after my first cleanse I lost 16 pounds and knew that this was different. My life was forever changed. THANK YOU JJ SMITH! Thank you for letting God use you as a vessel to reach & change so many lives including my own! I could never thank you enough, but I can use my testimony to encourage others! If you aren’t where you want to be, your current situation is NOT your destination! We all fall short sometimes, but NEVER GIVE UP!”


“Skipping and Singing “Ain’t No Stopping Me Now” as I enter the room 10 pounds lighter and 18 inches smaller, which includes a 7 inch decrease in my mid section because of healthy eating and NO diet pills!!”

Yolonda G

CHECK OUT JUAWANA! The GSC (green smoothie cleanse) and VIP life is way more than just losing weight! She is shedding tears of joy because it’s never too late to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! She did all that! And you can too!


Myles did that! He’s been on Liver Focus since May. He says: “My wife encouraged me to try the JJ way and with her and I’ve lost 85 pounds and she’s lost 40 pounds. We are on Liver Focus, Mag07, working out, green smoothies, and keto! We are improving our health for ourselves and our 3 children!”


“Keep up the lifestyle everyone. It’s worth it!”


“I lost 50 Pounds and the Results that I experienced were Phenomenal! But the biggest change for me during my first 10-Day Cleanse was what happened on the inside. I found out who I really am! I’m black, beautiful, intelligent, and real, and I have a right to live my best, healthy life. As of today, at least 200 people that I know have seen my results and the changes in my skin and my overall being and have decided that they want to be about this life too. I am currently down 50 pounds, I have not had any urinary tract infections since February, my white blood cell count is normal for the first time in years. I feel good, I look good, and I am good! The 10-day green smoothie cleanse has changed my whole life!”

Melodee F

“After 50 days on the green smoothie cleanse, I am now down 2-3 dress sizes and have lost 46 pounds! All because I had FAITH IN ME! I can now run like hell for the bus (and dance internally every time I catch it), I can cross my legs like the beautiful lady I am…. I can tie my shoe without needing to stop for a breath…. And most importantly, I have the ENERGY to go to the gym 4 days out of the week and participate in BOOTCAMP aerobics for the entire duration of the class…. JJ SMITH, YOU CHANGED MY LIFE….. From compliments, to parties in my closet (just trying on clothes that were tucked away because it didn’t fit)….. To me inspiring others to get fit…… I am sooooo very proud of myself! I did it…. I DID THIS! And I continue to do this….. I made MYSELF a believer! So I say to you all today, you can do it too!”

Platnum C

“I completed my full cleanse. I’m so happy I started the GSC journey because I now have more successful ways to eat healthier. Here are my results!”

Tameka W

“I lost 15 lbs that’s like two babies or a large turkey!! In just 10 days I transformed my taste buds and my eating habits!! I crave ONLY fruits and vegetables along with green smoothies!! The results are priceless!! I look and feel amazing!! You are what you eat! I now have energy, my skin is clear, my eyes twinkle, my thighs don’t touch. All my gluten reactions are gone now that I am eating clean!”

Jami R

Tammy Rowe is down 69 pounds. She’s about that Green Smoothie Life!

Tammy Rowe

“Just green smoothie cleansing and being determined and committed to a lifestyle change. I pray that this motivates someone especially my brothers that’s in need of a transformation”


“I had always been in awe of stories I came across of people who had lost 100+ lbs. Never in my wildest dreams did I think one day that will be me, Especially since I continuously failed on my many attempts to lose weight. Well good God here I am, 118 lbs gone forever!!! I am a witness that this lifestyle is the truth!!! I am so glad I took that challenge back in January, which introduced me to the world of VIP. It has truly been the best decision of my life and the best gift to myself. Who would’ve thought that I would see the day where I would hear people say I look so “small” and call me “slim” or that I would be 41 yrs old shopping in the junior section…lol…yep I’m enjoying this!!! Thank you JJ for all you do; you are truly God sent!!! And thanks to the Ambassadors and VIP Family for your support and helping me stay focused!!! #NeverGiveUp #NeversayNever”