Liver Focus + Blood Sugar Focus + Tummy Focus A powerful combination to accelerate fat burning

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Liver Focus is a premium liver cleanse and detox formula to:

  • Support your liver health with an all-natural science-backed liver cleanse
  • Naturally increase your body’s fat burning capabilities
  • Help your body defend against harmful toxins found in everyday living
  • Help your overworked liver heal so it can focus on keeping you healthy.

Blood Sugar Focus stabilizes your blood sugar levels helping to:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels to prevent your body from storing extra fat
  • Balance your blood sugar levels to help stop energy highs and lows
  • Lower insulin levels by enabling healthy sugar and carbohydrate absorption
  • Manage blood sugar spikes and energy crashes by keeping your body in fat-burning mode

Tummy Focus is an oxygenating colon cleansing formula designed to:

  • Aid in cleansing the digestive tract
  • Improve digestion and supports gut health
  • Help increase regularity and relieve occasional constipation
  • Promote the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut

Liver Focus

Blood Sugar Focus

Tummy Focus

Our Customers are Loving Their Results

Thanks to JJ and her methods

Kayla says “I thank god for this journey!!! Liver Focus + 1 gallon of water and clean eating!!! I’m watching the inches fall off!!!”


Briehn says “from May to September. The results of taking 4 months of Liver Focus”


Brittini shared her 1 month progress on Liver Focus. She said she did Liver Focus, worked out here and there and didn’t do the green smoothie cleanse because she only made it to Day 2.


Tari did that! She said green smoothies, Liver Focus and exercise got her there!


Kendra shows her 8 month progress with Green Smoothies, Liver Focus and Strength Training! Belly on flat flat! They’re showing her a lot of love in my green smoothie Facebook group.


Akilah shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus! Belly fat be gone! She eats clean and drinks plenty of water. Her workouts are about 3 days per week!


3 months of Liver Focus, a gallon of water per day, one smoothie per day and no gym… just walking.


Kristian said… if you still need proof Liver Focus works… she is it… swipe left to read what she did and what she ate! And please show her some love! She looks incredible!


Those liver focus pills and green smoothies are the truth!! Left pic is 3/4 and right pic is 4/29


I started this Journey at 265 and borderline diabetic. Praise GOD for these amazing products ( Liver Focus & Blood Sugar Focus). I am down 85 POUNDS and FULL OF ENGERY & NO MEDS! The most AMAZING feeling is when my students, co-workers, Church members & friends say YOU LOOK AMAZING, what are you doing? I can say JJ Smith both her Liver focus and blood sugar focus)!


I have been on this journey for 5 months doing intermittent fasting and working out. I also use Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus and it has definitely helped with my transformation!


So happy to say that the weight gained from post surgical recovery (30 pounds), in late March (2021), IS GONE!! I have lost it all! I’m back at my desired weight. That’s due to combining Liver focus and Blood Sugar Focus. Everything else that I did or do is what I’ve done for years. For example; I’ve been following JJ’s plan(s) and reading her books since 2014. I started Liver Focus along with continuing to watch what I eat and exercise in September 2019. After surgery, I began losing the 30 pounds in May of 2021 using Liver Focus, Raw food, JJ’s Green Smoothie Cleanse, watching calories when not on cleanses and yoga. It wasn’t until I added Blood Sugar Focus in August 2021, that I began the REAL visible progress in the stomach and waist area though! I don’t remember ANY time in my adult life that I’ve ever been this snatched!! God is good, and I thank him for JJ Smith!!


I started using the GSC three times, the ACV Cleanse one time, and the Keto Cleanse along with JJ’s Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus. Thank you so much JJ Smith. I’m still on my journey to my goal weight!


In the first photo I weighed 225 lbs. The next photo is after using liver focus, blood sugar focus, doing the green smoothie cleanse once a month, ACV cleanse and intermittent fasting. Current weight is 168 lbs. I’m maintain weight with substituting one meal with a green smoothie everyday, intermittent fasting and liver focus.


I’ve been up and down with my weight for quite some time. However, over the past year I decided to commit to a new life-style journey. I started out with the Green Smoothie Cleanse a few times and dropped about 10 pounds and shortly thereafter added in the Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus along with Intermittent Fasting and a few days of working out. WOW! look at me now, pictures don’t lie. I am so glad I pushed through the difficult times and decided to stay the course. I’m down 40 pounds and a few dress sizes and boy do I feel GREAT! I’m so pleased with my results and will continue my journey to be healthy, fit and confident.


My heaviest was 260 and I am now 190! I have been able to keep the weight off. I take Liver Focus daily after dinner every night. I have been on this journey for a little over 2 years.


I’ve come along way and am down 69 pounds!! I’m doing the Green Smoothie Cleanse and Liver Focus. For anyone considering this, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! #GSC #liverfocus

Ms Reid

My journey begin and I weighed 224 pounds and unhappiest I’ve ever been. My friend encouraged me to try Green Smoothie Cleanse. by JJ Smith and after seeing her results it felt like an easy “yes!”. I did my first cleanse and loved it ever since. Shortly after, I purchased Liver Focus. I began with two capsules at bedtime and after a few weeks increased to 3 caps at bedtime. I continued to eat cleaner and cleanse at least once a month. I shed a total of 60 pounds in the last year and a half. Couldn’t be happier with my results. Current weight is 169, feeling more energized and stronger everyday. I am maintaining so I do not cleanse much anymore (still drink a “Day 6” smoothie once in a while 😏) still using Liver Focus and seeing results.


I began my Green Smoothie Cleanse weight loss journey in 2017 and while I’ve reached my goal weight, I’m still working on losing more inches. Liver Focus along with clean eating, intermittent fasting and exercising has been a game changer as it has helped me lose inches off of my waist, flatten my stomach and reduce back fat. Liver Focus has helped me get my curves back at the age of 45. I’m not one who usually takes supplements, but I love the fact that Liver Focus has natural ingredients to promote liver detoxification. My son is also now taking Liver Focus after seeing my results and he too is now enjoying the many benefits. Thank you JJ Smith for an amazing product!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Liver Focus?

Liver Focus is a liver cleanse that Accelerates fat burning, supports liver health, protects against toxins, and improves digestion.

Who is Blood Sugar Focus for?
It’s helpful for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes because it has been clinically proven to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range and help support normal insulin sensitivity. It is helpful for those who are trying to lose weight. it stabilizes blood sugar levels to prevent your body from storing fat so anyone trying to manage their weight can benefit from it. Remember when you eat carbs, like breads and sugar, it causes our blood sugar to spike which causes fat storage in the body. BSF helps prevent blood sugar spikes and keeps your body in fat burning mode.

What are the benefits of Tummy Focus?
Tummy Focus supports a healthy gut, aids in cleansing the digest tract, improves digestion and promotes the development of beneficial bacteria. Taking Tummy Focus is a simple way to stay regular and relieve occasional constipation relief. When the digestive tract is full of waste and toxins, it can make it more difficult to lose weight while also making you feel heavy and bloated. By cleansing the colon, you may feel less bloated and be able to support a healthier digestion and absorption of nutrients from your foods.

How should you take Liver Focus, Blood Sugar Focus and Tummy Focus?

We recommend taking 2 BSF capsules with a meal. 1-2 additional capsules can be added to accelerate results, also taken with a meal. BSF must be taken 2 hours apart from Liver Focus. Liver Focus can be taken morning, bedtime and/with food. Liver focus is 2 capsules the first week, then 3 capsules after that. You can take all the capsules at one time.

For Tummy Focus, take 3 capsules on an empty stomach with 10-12 ounces of water at bedtime. Adjust dose up or down by 1 capsule until the desired cleanse is achieved. Continue this dosage to achieve desired results as directed by a healthcare professional. Be sure to consult your physician.

How long should you take Liver Focus, Blood Sugar Focus and Tummy Focus?
Most people choose to take Liver Focus until they reach their optimal fat percentage.

Because Tummy Focus is not a stimulant laxative and won’t cause dependency, it is safe to take daily as directed by your healthcare provider.

How long before you start to see results?
For Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus, you should give it 30 days for the products to build up in your system and show results. For Tummy Focus it depends on the state of your digestive system. Tummy Focus can work quickly within 1-2 days. When taken at bedtime, it may work overnight while you sleep allowing for a satisfying bowel movement by morning.

How long do the supplies of each supplement last?

  • Liver Focus is a 60 day supply, or 45 days depending on desired daily intake.
  • Blood Sugar Focus is a 30 day supply.
  • Depending on your ideal dosage, Tummy Focus typically lasts 30 days, at a 3 per day dosage.

What are the ingredients for Blood Sugar Focus and Liver Focus?

Blood Sugar Focus Ingredients

Liver Focus Ingredients

Tummy Focus

Blood Sugar Focus features Eromin, what is this ingredient?

BSF features Eriomin, a patented and clinically proven blend for blood glucose management in human clinical trials. Eriomin has been clinically proven to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range, help support normal insulin sensitivity and help manage a healthy inflammation response. It has also been clinically proven to reverse prediabetes.

Can Blood Sugar Focus help with belly fat?
BSF balances key hormones, namely insulin, that causes stubborn belly fat. By lowering insulin levels, this supplement targets dangerous visceral fat around the waistline that is driven by the hormone insulin.

Do we really need to take Tummy Focus at bedtime?
We do recommend taking Tummy Focus at bedtime so you have a satisfying poop by morning. If you take it during the day, you may have to poop at an inconvenient time. Additionally, it’s important to take with 10-12 ounces of water to help it work more effectively.

Does Liver Focus replace Apple Cider Vinegar?
No, it’s taken in addition to Apple Cider Vinegar to enhance Liver detoxing.

Do I need to take a break when using Liver Focus?
A few days break once every 30 days is recommended from all supplements to give your body a chance to rest.

What are the side effects?
There are none reported, but you may experience normal detox symptoms during the first week of taking the supplement.

Customer Reviews

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rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars
Chance on Feb 19, 2024

Haven’t started using products yet but have used them before accept for the Tummy Focus. Love it before and I know will love it still

rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars
Tijana on Feb 19, 2024

Never disappointed and always on time. Thanks JJ!!!

rating rating rating rating rating 1 Star
Lisa on Feb 19, 2024

I hope to receive the product. Unfortunately my product was stolen by USPS. I am still waiting for JJ Smith to resend product . USPS is the worst. It has now been a week and I’m still waiting for JJSmith customer service to resolve this.

rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars
Crystal on Feb 19, 2024

I am pleased with the performance of all three supplements. I continue to use the based on the results and their ability to help me lose my weight. I recommend them to anyone.

rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars
Monique on Feb 09, 2024

I'm still in the first week so far ok 👍

The Focus Bundle – A Powerful Trio for Accelerate Fat Burning in the Body

Use Liver Focus to detox and support healthy liver function.

Use Blood Sugar Focus for disease prevention and healthy fat loss.

Use Tummy Focus to improve digestion, relieve bloating and support gut health.

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