JJ’s Private Group is called


It's for those who want to get to the next level and live the life of their dreams. If you want to level-up and lose weight, look and feel younger, make more money, attract more love or simply get your mind right - join today!

What’s included?

  • eBook teaching the concepts and strategies for weight loss, career guidance, and much more
  • Exclusive “Sister chat” coaching calls to help keep you motivated towards your goals
  • High intensity workout videos from Phil Weeden, Xtreme Fitness Star, putting the fun into workouts
  • Healthy but tasty recipes so eating clean is more enjoyable
  • Online support in the VIP Facebook group so you don’t feel like you’re alone on this journey
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you inspired
  • Access to the online portal with tools and resources to make the most out of your VIP experience

Over 2 Million pounds lost

Thanks to JJ and her methods

Akilah shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus! Belly fat be gone!  She eats clean and drinks plenty of water.  Her workouts are about 3 days per week.


Widlynea shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus and Mag07. She said the scale hasn’t moved much but she’s seeing results! Inches matter!


Kristian said if you still need proof Liver Focus works, she is it! Please show her some love, she looks incredible!


Faye still going strong on green smoothies and Liver Focus!


Myles did that! He’s been on Liver Focus since May. He says: “My wife encouraged me to try the JJ way and with her and I’ve lost 85 pounds and she’s lost 40 pounds. We are on Liver Focus, Mag07, working out, green smoothies, and keto! We are improving our health for ourselves and our 3 children!”


Wow! 2019 was Stephani’s year! She said she’s loving the new her. Liver focus and Mag07 got her right, BAM! She says she also drinks a gallon of water per day, workouts most weekdays, drinks a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and healthy dinner.  Now this is what you call a lifestyle change.


Help me celebrate Kimberly! She’s lost about 70 pounds doing smoothies, Liver Focus, Mag07 and a gallon of water per day! Show her some love! She says LIVER FOCUS IS THR TRUTH!!!


Kendra shows her 8 month progress with Green Smoothies, Liver Focus and Strength Training! Belly on flat flat! They’re showing her a lot of love in my green smoothie Facebook group.


JJ has dedicated her life to the field of healthy eating and living.

JJ's passion is to educate others and share with them the natural remedies to stay slim, restore health, and look and feel younger. JJ has studied many philosophies of natural healing and learned from some of the great teachers of our time.