Liver Focus + Blood Sugar Focus A powerful combination to accelerate fat burning

Liver Focus is a premium liver cleanse and detox formula to:

  • Support your liver health with an all-natural science-backed liver cleanse
  • Naturally increase your body’s fat burning capabilities
  • Help your body defend against harmful toxins found in everyday living
  • Help your overworked liver heal so it can focus on keeping you healthy.

Blood Sugar Focus stabilizes your blood sugar levels helping to:

  • Stabilize your blood sugar levels to prevent your body from storing extra fat
  • Balance your blood sugar levels to help stop energy highs and lows
  • Lower insulin levels by enabling healthy sugar and carbohydrate absorption
  • Manage blood sugar spikes and energy crashes by keeping your body in fat-burning mode

Liver Focus

Blood Sugar Focus

Our Customers are Loving Their Results

Thanks to JJ and her methods

7 Weeks of Healthy Clean Eating

Latrina shares her 7 weeks results. This is what she says “healthy clean eating/smoothies with a few days of what I want along Liver Focus and magO7”


Myles Is Improving His Health for His Children

Myles says: “My wife encouraged me to try the JJ way and with her and I’ve lost 85lbs and she’s lost 40lbs. We are on Liver Focus, Mag07, working out, green smoothies, and keto! We are improving our health for ourselves and our 3 children!”


Shay Didn't Get Discouraged

Shay said she started Liver Focus in September 2019 and Green Smoothies in October 2019 (1-2 per day) and eats healthy with no white foods, pasta, bread, rice, etc). She uses 3 Liver Focus per day and began to notice results after Day 24. She hasn’t started Mag07 and says she needs to incorporate exercise too. She hasn’t weighed herself because she can easily get discouraged by the scale but plans to weigh at the end of November. #LiverFocus.


Amara's In It For The Long Ride

I have been following the JJ Smith GSC since January of 2017. I have done amazing and also have my slip ups and spiral downhill and gain some weight back, but I never gave up on me… And never will, I’m in it for the long ride until I reach my goal and then I still will continue. PS…. I have to give a special shoutout to Liver Focus, you helping me my thang!


Shaw's Struggles Were Real Until She Discovered Liver Focus

Shawn says ” the struggle was real y’all and still is!!! I struggled many years with being overweight… but whew chile, JJ Smith blessed us with her amazing Liver Focus!!! I am on month 2 and with the help of portion control and being a busy mom, the results are in the making!!! Keep pushing everyone!”


30 Day Transformation for Widlynea

Widlynea shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus and Mag07. She said the scale hasn’t moved much but she’s seeing results! Inches matter!!


Akilah Dropped the Belly Fat

Akilah shares her 30 day results on Liver Focus! Belly fat be gone! She eats clean and drinks plenty of water. Her workouts are about 3 days per week!


Liver Focus is Kimberly's Truth

Help me celebrate Kimberly! She’s lost about 70 pounds doing smoothies, Liver Focus, Mag07 and a gallon of water per day! Show her some love! She says LIVER FOCUS IS THR TRUTH!!!


Meekka W. Lost 20 pounds during the 30-Day Keto Challenge!

“I have been overweight for all my adult life. Reaching my highest weight of 215 pounds. I used to wear a size 20 (XXL) and now I wear a size 8 (small/med). I no longer have tinnitus, swelling in my lower extremities, and I can make it up my stairs without stopping to catch my breath. I signed up for the Keto Challenge to regain my life and health. This challenge has shown me a weight-loss alternative that fits into my busy schedule. I can eat foods that I love and exercise in my home and it brought amazing results. My weight was 170 pounds at the start of the Challenge and at the end, I now weigh 150. The Keto Facebook Group has been amazing. I’ve learned so much and thank you JJ Smith and team for all you do!”

Meekka W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Liver Focus?

Liver Focus is a liver cleanse that Accelerates fat burning, supports liver health, protects against toxins, and improves digestion.

Who is Blood Sugar Focus for?
It’s helpful for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes because it has been clinically proven to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range and help support normal insulin sensitivity. It is helpful for those who are trying to lose weight. it stabilizes blood sugar levels to prevent your body from storing fat so anyone trying to manage their weight can benefit from it. Remember when you eat carbs, like breads and sugar, it causes our blood sugar to spike which causes fat storage in the body. BSF helps prevent blood sugar spikes and keeps your body in fat burning mode.

How should you take Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus?
We recommend taking 2 BSF capsules with a meal. 1-2 additional capsules can be added to accelerate results, also taken with a meal. BSF must be taken 2 hours apart from Liver Focus. Liver Focus can be taken morning, bedtime and/with food. Liver focus is 2 capsules the first week, then 3 capsules after that. You can take all the capsules at one time.

How long before I start to see results?
You should give it 30 days for the products to build up in your system and show results.

What are the ingredients for Blood Sugar Focus and Liver Focus?

Blood Sugar Focus Ingredients

Liver Focus Ingredients

Blood Sugar Focus features Eromin, what is this ingredient?

BSF features Eriomin, a patented and clinically proven blend for blood glucose management in human clinical trials. Eriomin has been clinically proven to maintain blood glucose levels within the normal range, help support normal insulin sensitivity and help manage a healthy inflammation response. It has also been clinically proven to reverse prediabetes.

What are the side effects?
There are none reported, but you may experience normal detox symptoms during the first week of taking the supplement.

How long does a supply of Blood Sugar Focus and Liver Focus last?
Blood Sugar Focus is a 30 day supply and Liver Focus is a 60 day supply, or 45 days depending on desired daily intake.

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The Focus Bundle – Your 1 + 2 Punch to Accelerate Fat Burning

Use Liver Focus to detox and support healthy liver function.

Use Blood Sugar Focus for disease prevention and healthy fat loss.

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