I Decided to Live!

Written by JJ Smith, certified weight management specialist (NESTA) and nutritionist (ANA)

Posted May 27th, 2013 under Detoxification, Diet/Weight Loss, JJ Smith

In case you were wondering, where in the world is JJ? I wanted to let you know that for the last few months, I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues! I’ve finally gathered enough physical and mental strength to tell you about my recent health troubles.

Over the last few months, I had been going to various medical specialists with numerous symptoms including:

– chronic dry eye
– gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining)
– low gut immunity/ immune system malfunctioning
– liver cysts/congested liver
– loss of short-term memory
– poor blood circulation
– abdominal pain and swelling
– frequent, urgent urination (4-5 times per hour)
– overgrowth of bacteria in the gut

After weeks of ultrasounds, MRI, blood and saliva testing, it was discovered that I had MERCURY POISONING caused by the silver fillings in my teeth. Here is the most important thing that I want you to know. The doctor told me that if I were not detoxing regularly (I do about 7 detox methods per week), I would have been hospitalized. By detoxing I was keeping the toxic overload of the mercury down enough to function every day. Many of you know I’m a strong believer in detoxing (inner cleansing) as a way to lose weight and get healthy and now I believe stronger than ever in the power of detoxing. In my book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out, I have a chapter where I list 10 ways to detox for weight loss and great health. Because I do at least 7 of those detox methods each and every week, not only has it saved my life, but it has allowed me to have a speedy recovery from mercury poisoning. To learn more about how to detox the body for weight loss and great health, check it out here: http://jjsmithonline.com/products/lose-weight.html

Here’s What Happened:

After visiting GI doctors, hormone doctors, and urologists, I was not getting any relief from my symptoms. I then noticed I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning and to check for cavities. While there, I asked him to replace my silver fillings because I had been hearing about the dangers of them. He said, ‘what silver fillings?’. They were all gone. Low and behold, my silver fillings had dissolved and I had swallowed them at some point. The dentist immediately did some muscle testing to find that I had high levels of mercury in my body. After referring me to a mercury detox specialist, they found that I had high levels of mercury in my brain, liver, kidneys, and gut. This was the underlying cause of my deteriorating health over the last few months. I was actually delighted to FINALLY get some answers so I could get well.

As I reflected on all the numerous doctor appointments and ultrasounds, MRI, blood, saliva and muscle testing, the medical “specialists” really had no real answers for my ailments and illnesses. I’m not blaming them, but they had no clue as to what was causing all my health issues….it was ultimately discovered by my dentist. I’ve always said that doctors may help, but the ultimate responsibility for our health is in our hands and within our control. As my health was deteriorating, I DECIDED I WANTED TO LIVE AND TO LIVE HEALTHY! I’ve spent the last 2 months learning about and recovering from mercury poisoning.

The treatment for mercury poisoning generally takes 4-6 months, but I’m happy to report after 2 months of 5 rounds of heavy meal (mercury) detox, I’m about 80% healthy. Although my hair is still a hot mess, my energy is back, my skin is less pale, my blood is circulating and no longer stagnant, my liver and kidney are functioning stronger each day, and my mind is clearer. It was very heartbreaking to not have the mental strength to write a complete paragraph. One of my greatest joys in life was writing and sharing my experiences with weight loss, getting healthy and aging gracefully. Thank you for letting me share with you today. Expect to hear from me more in the weeks and months to come!

God Bless!