If You Clean the Gut, You Lose the Gut!

Written by JJ Smith, certified weight management specialist (NESTA) and nutritionist (ANA)

Posted December 2nd, 2011 under Belly Fat, Detoxification

We all know what belly fat is; we see it every day when we walk out of the house. Although it is very common, most people do not know that belly fat is the most dangerous fat on the body. Belly fat, known as visceral fat, is located behind your abdominal wall and surrounds your internal organs. Visceral fat typically shows as the belly fat/spare tire around the waist and mid-section. Even thin people can begin to store excess weight around the stomach and midsection. Visceral fat contains toxins and substances that are harmful to our health and can affect the nervous system and the endocrine (hormonal) system, which ends up affecting metabolism and appetite.

Most people do not know that belly fat is the most dangerous fat on the body. Because of where it’s located around the delicate organs, it has the potential to destroy good health, or worse yet, kill you. Because belly fat resides within striking distance of your heart, liver, and other organs, it is to blame for many health conditions. According to a 2006 study published in the journal Obesity, visceral fat is a significant predictor of early death. In other words, visceral fat means you have an increased risk for a shortened life. Even if you removed visceral fat via liposuction, it may cause you to look physically better, but it does little for improving your health because the dangers of visceral fat would still exist for you. The good news is that even a minimal amount of physical activity and dietary changes will go a long way in shrinking visceral fat.

Studies have shown that exposing yourself to an excessive amount of environmental toxins increases belly fat. Thus, a very effective way to address this visceral fat/belly fat is to eliminate toxins from the body. Detoxifying the body and eliminating toxins can be accomplished through various detoxification methods. Detoxification is a total-body cleansing process that removes toxins from the body. Detoxification is critical to losing fat because many of the toxins the body holds onto are stored in fat cells. In my new book, Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out!. I share ten ways to detoxify the body including Colonics, Saunas, Body Brushing and many others so that you can reduce the toxic overload and reduce belly fat.

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