Mind Makeover Pt. I: Pay Less, Weigh Less

Written by JJ Smith, certified weight management specialist (NESTA) and nutritionist (ANA)

Posted September 6th, 2017 under Diet/Weight Loss, Health and Wellness, JJ Smith

Mind Makeover Introduction

Every diet and weight loss strategy has its pros and cons, but for any of them to really work, you’ve got to get your mind right. When I say you’ve got to “get your mind right”,  what I’m specifically referring to is a mind makeover. There are many physical ways to lose weight like eating healthy, frequent detoxification of your digestive system, and exercising regularly. However, from my own success with weight loss and from experience working with my green smoothie warriors, I’ve learned there’s always an underlying mental aspect to weight loss that we often neglect. Think about it, we spend all this time learning what makes up a balanced diet, yet we still choose foods that go directly against our weight loss goals. That’s when you have to ask yourself if your mindset is keeping you overweight.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve hit a point where you realize making a lifestyle change is a massive mental challenge that requires stamina, rational thought, and emotional support. You won’t lose any weight until you makeover your mind first.
Mind Makeover

My father used to always tell me to “monitor my thought life” because whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. The concept can be a bit strange because you’re literally asking yourself to think about what you’re thinking about. However, it’s so necessary because we all get off track and put ourselves in a place where our ‘thought lives’ are directly hindering our success. The process of losing weight is about change. Essentially, you learn how to maintain a completely different lifestyle. It’s not so much about asking “should I eat this, or should I eat that?” but mastering a process where you’re mindful of the decisions you make day in and day out that work in your favor, both physically and mentally.  In this Mind Makeover series, I’ll be sharing my top 7 Mind Makeover strategies s that will serve as a self-check to ensure you’re successful at your weight loss goals.

Pay Less, Weigh Less

I call it the “Costco effect.” Have you ever been to Costco or another wholesale store and then see a box of 50 bags of Skinny Pop popcorn for a really good price and decided to buy it? While it may feel like you’re getting a great deal when you buy in bulk, it’s actually self-sabotage! The reality is, in terms of healthy eating, if you get less, you pay less and ultimately weigh less. The thought here is that you’ll weigh less by eating less because you don’t feel the burden or responsibility to eat the 50 bags of Skinny Pop you just spent your hard earned money on. Buying the popcorn in bulk might have saved you a few dollars, but you find yourself eating more because you don’t want the food to go to waste. I love myself some Skinny Pop. If I had 50 bags of it in my cabinet, I would eat that popcorn so much I’d get sick of it! I don’t want that feeling. Finding healthy foods you enjoy is an important part of weight loss. Master your mind to make sure you’re not overspending and over consuming. Shop wisely and remember, if you pay less, you’ll weigh less! 

#2: Food ≠ Fun
Food does not equal fun! There are certain activities/things we do that we always associate with food. For example, every time you go out for date night you may casually have a few drinks to feel more comfortable. Every time you go to a movie, you get the popcorn and the chocolate candy. Every time you watch your favorite TV show you drink an entire bottle of wine.

It’s going to take a conscious effort from to break those habits and create new ones. When you go to the movies, skip the popcorn and candy. When you go out for date night, have one low-calorie Margarita, not three. Have a banana with your morning coffee instead of a donut. When your favorite show comes on, vow to pedal on the stationary bike throughout the episode or try some stretches instead of binging on food. Create  habits where you binge on exercise not food. There are a million ways to have a good time without it always being centered on food. Research healthy habits and find what works best for you! Your waistline will thank you for it. Until next time…

-xo JJ