Style Makeover Pt. I: Conceal and Reveal

Written by JJ Smith, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Weight Loss Expert

Posted October 10th, 2017 under JJ Smith, Self Love

The average model is about 5’10”, 115 pounds and around a size 4. However, did you know the average American woman is about 5’4”, 164 pounds and a size 14? It can be challenging to know exactly what to wear when the media shows a distorted view of the “normal” woman. In part one of four in this style makeover series, I’ll teach you ways to dress for your body type with my conceal and reveal strategy.

Having style and class doesn’t require spending a fortune. There are affordable alternatives to your favorite brands everywhere, you just have to look. The key is to pick pieces that do three things: balance your shape, highlight your best assets, and hide your flaws. This is the “conceal and reveal” strategy; you hide the flaws and focus on showcasing your best assets. This formula will have a dramatic effect on how your figure appears and how you look in your clothes.  

Here are 4 wardrobe tips to showcase your best assets.

Don’t wear clothes that make you look bigger than you are:

I often see women wearing clothes that make them look much bigger than they actually are. The goal is to wear clothes that make us look ten pounds thinner than normal. For example, If you have thick thighs and hips, you want to avoid wearing clothes that put extra weight on your hips. Clothing that draws people’s eyes away from your hips and thighs will work well for you. A shapely pencil skirt, for example, would create natural curves and give you more of an hourglass shape, but stay away from mini skirts! Mini skirts draw attention to your lower body and make it hard to cover your hips and thighs. To switch the attention to your upper half and even out the body, pair the pencil skirt with a bold top with ruffles.  This will create a beautiful, slimming look!

Find ways to conceal unflattering arms:

We all seem to struggle with flabby arms at some point as we get older. Flabby arms is a common trouble area, but it can be concealed. You want to wear sleeves that go all the way to the elbow and completely avoid tops with sleeves that cut off at the widest part of your arms, which for most women, is right in the middle. Sleeves that stop right in the middle part of flabby arms bring even more attention to this troublesome area. Instead, to conceal that extra jiggle, wear dramatic, wide, billowing sleeves. They stop a little farther down, are wider, and do a great job of concealing that unwanted fat.

Mastering the illusion of angles and dimensions to make your face look thinner:

There are simple ways to make your face appear thinner. Women with naturally round faces should stay away from round glasses and a middle part in their hair. If you have a chubby face, you want to create angles to add dimension to your face and make it look thinner. Adding bangs will create nice angles, frame your face well, and make your face look less round. You can also put highlights in your hair and cut it in a layered forward style to create the illusion of angles and dimensions, making your face look thinner. If you wear makeup, highlight your cheekbones in order to add contours. Blush will break up the roundness and give your face more depth. Apply blush in an angular motion from your cheeks towards your temples.

Avoid the dreaded muffin top:

Let’s talk about muffin tops —the unfortunate layer of fat that gets pushed up when your jeans are too tight. Unlike flabby arms Conceal and Revealor a chubby face, muffin tops are completely avoidable. The key is finding jeans that aren’t too tight.. Just say no to very tight low-rise jeans. If you have excess weight in the waist, these tight low-rise jeans will create an extra roll. High-waisted jeans are a good alternative. They help conceal back-fat  and hide all of the extra weight in the waist. Don’t be afraid to turn to Spanx, girdles, or any shape-wear for some extra help! You shouldn’t wear them everyday, but for special occasions, any shape-wear product will help keep things smooth and tight.

Style isn’t about fitting into a particular size so others will find you sexy. It’s about picking clothes that create balance, fit your body correctly, and show off your best assets. Trust me, when you look good, you feel good. Until next time…

-xo JJ