Style Makeover Pt. III: A Sexy and Classy Look

Written by JJ Smith, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Weight Loss Expert

Posted November 1st, 2017 under JJ Smith, Self Love

The average model is about 5’10, 115 pounds and around a size 4. However, did you know the average American woman is about 5’4, 164 pounds and a size 14? It can be challenging to know exactly what to wear when the media shows a distorted view of the “normal” woman. In part three of four in this style makeover series, I’ll go through my four rules to maintain a sexy and classy look at the same time.

According to Google, the definition of “sexy” is: “having sexually appealing qualities,” and the definition of “classy” is: “stylish and sophisticated.” Clearly, the two definitions overlap. So, while most people view sexy and classy as two very different qualities, it’s possible and easier than you think to be sexy and classy at the same time! Here’s how…

Rule 1:

Being sexy does not mean baring it all. You want to make sure you’re still presenting yourself in a flattering light. While you should always feel confident in your body, leaving something to the imagination can go a long way. Revealing only one section of your body at a time is the perfect balance between sexy and classy. For example, if  you show off your legs in a revealing mini skirt, wear a top that has longer sleeves or a blouse that isn’t cut too low. Pair this with a fitted jacket or loose coat. This is a good practice rule because too much skin can kill the class.

Rule 2:

If it’s too tight, don’t wear it! Some women assume tight is synonymous with sexy, but that’s not the case. Generally speaking, clothes that are the right size will fit your body nicely, leaving little excess material. In addition, you don’t want to wear clothes so tight the buttons look like they’re about to pop open. The goal of the fit is to see clean lines that are appealing to the eye and flattering to the body. Going too tight can lead to unwanted bra lines and add pounds to your waistline.

Rule 3:

Fake it until you make it! Every “sexy” woman will tell you only 20 percent of her sex appeal comes from what she’s wearing. The other 80 percent comes from her attitude, her confidence, and her self-love. Every now and then, you may have on Spanx or a Push Up Bra, but don’t forget that your favorite actress or celebrity probably uses them too! She just struts the red carpet like she doesn’t. It’s all about how you carry yourself. If you feel sexy and confident, it’ll show.

Rule 4:

All rules go out of the window if you’re dressing for your significant other. That’s right…all rules are meant to be broken. If you want to show off a little bit with your partner and do something creative like a romantic, fantasy date night, the rules I just mentioned don’t apply. Showing multiple body parts might be a good option for the right situation and more importantly the right person i.e. your significant other. For example, a leather mini skirt with a revealing top instead of one that’s a little more conservative would be a good choice when out with your beau. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable and confident. No one knows what works best for you and your relationship better than you.

Dressing sexy and classy at the same time can be easy and fun when you have a few guidelines to follow. So just remember you’re in control of how others view you, and most importantly how you view yourself. Stay confident and the rest will take care of itself! Until next time…

-Xo JJ