Flat Belly Secret for a Special Event

Written by JJ Smith, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Weight Loss Expert

Posted November 16th, 2017 under Belly Fat, Health and Wellness

You just bought a gorgeous dress for your coworker’s wedding tomorrow and you’ve followed our style makeover guide so you know you look good! However, when you got home and tried on the dress, you looked down and noticed a bloated, puffy stomach! Working out and eating right are at the core of getting the lean, flat belly you want. However, when you want to shrink your belly as fast as possible (like, for a wedding the next day), you need to rely on your body’s own internal belly-flattening mechanisms. How do you activate your body’s own flattening mechanism? You do so with the help of my flat belly secret weapon: Tummy Focus!

A lot of people who have been detoxing and working towards a flat belly already know about Tummy Focus. We talk about it frequently as a way to accelerate your weight loss results on the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. Tummy Focus is a well-known digestive cleanser that clears all the waste in the entire digestive tract. The magnesium in Tummy Focus acts as a vehicle to transport the oxygen throughout the body and has a gentle stool softening effect. The end result is a clean digestive tract and a bloat-free belly! There are many other benefits including a full digestive cleanse and body detoxification. While Tummy Focus is not a laxative, it has similar traits. Laxatives can become addictive and if you take them frequently your body can become dependent. Becoming dependent on anything usually has negative consequences and with laxatives it’s no different. Taking too many laxatives can lead to gas and stomach cramps. Tummy Focus on the other hand, is 100% natural and non-addictive.

When you first begin taking Tummy Focus, you have to gauge and figure out the right amount for your body. The instructions tell you to take “up to 5” capsules with eight to twelve ounces of water. Everyone’s body reacts differently, so the vagueness of the dosage is meant to account for all body types. You may need two capsules, while somebody else may need five.

What I recommend is beginning with three capsules right before bed. When you wake up in the morning, you should have heavy bowel movement that just passes the waterline. After the bowel movement in the morning, you will be good for the rest of the day. Tummy Focus should not have you running to the bathroom every hour. If this is the case, then you may have taken too many. However, if you wake up and don’t get that heavy “woo-sah” bowel movement, then the next night take four. If the same thing occurs, up your intake to five. It’s all about easing your way into it, but typically, the magic number is between three and five.

You can partake in the detox for about seven to ten days, but it also serves as a great temporary quick fix for bloating when you have to be event-ready in twenty-four hours. Good luck and happy cleansing! Until next time…

-xo JJ