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Written by JJ Smith, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Weight Loss Expert

Posted April 14th, 2021 under Detoxification, Health and Wellness, JJ Smith, Liver Focus

Get the Best from Life with JJ Smith!

Learn about my weight-loss, cleansing, and lifestyle supplements, programs, and books

I want you to know what I know about staying healthy, losing weight, and getting the most out of your beautiful body. As a nutritionist and certified weight-loss expert, I’m passionate about helping you live your best life.

To make sure you’re able to lose stubborn belly fat, get your blood sugar under control, learn the real facts on how to detoxify your liver and to do a cleanse naturally and safely – I’ve created programs and supplements, and written books to help you.

In this blog, I explain my life-changing programs, supplements, and books. I want you to know what your options are for getting healthy, fast weight loss.

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Detox, Burn Fat and Revitalize Your Body with JJ’s Cleansing Programs and Books

Changing your habits is not easy when you’re doing it alone. This is why I created three very popular and life-changing detox, cleansing, and weight loss programs.

When you join my 14-Day Keto Smoothie Cleanse, 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, or 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse – you’re instantly part of a community of like-minded and motivated people.

Having the support from others who are on the same path as you and knowing you can easily reach out to chat, share recipes, and talk about your successes (and struggles) is a game-changer when it comes to losing belly fat, dropping sizes, and getting back into your skinny jeans.

JJ’s 14-Day Keto Smoothie Cleanse

This 14-day online program is all about fat-burning. My 14-Day Keto Smoothie Cleanse is a fresh approach to keto – combining the nutritional and delicious benefits of green smoothies with the sweet state of ketosis for maximum fat loss.

Enjoy low carb, low sugar keto smoothies with fat-burning meals that have the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbs. You will burn fat faster and have an eating and lifestyle program that prevents you from rebounding.

Watch my video where I tell you all about my 14-Day Keto Smoothie Cleanse!

Make sure you know these facts about the 14-Day Keto Smoothie Cleanse:

  • Lose up to 15 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • Over 35 brand new fat-burning smoothie recipes and meals.
  • Includes a 4-minute exercise to speed up fat loss to lose stubborn body fat.
  • Ideal for anyone who wants to detox and jumpstart weight loss.
  • Includes two recipe books: Keto Smoothies Recipe eBook and Fat Burning Meals Recipe eBook.
  • Special video training showing you how to make delicious keto smoothies and follow the 14-day cleanse.

This is a healthy program because you’re eating meals with the right balance of nutrition that are packed with flavor to keep you on track and the weight off.

You learn everything you need to know to make lasting lifestyle habits, so the weight doesn’t come back – no rebounding!

This program is changing lives – see what people are saying on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

JJ’s 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

This is the cleanse and book that has changed so many lives! In my New York Times bestselling book, you’ll learn how easy it is to lose weight, detox, and jumpstart your new lifestyle with green smoothies.

The New York Times bestselling 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book gives you the recipes, lifestyle habits, and advice on how to lose weight, maintain good health, and feel your best.

Make sure you know these key facts about my 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse:

  • Includes over 100 green smoothie recipes.
  • Lose 10 – 15 pounds in 10 days.
  • Get rid of stubborn belly fat.
  • Easily give your body the nutrients it craves.

Be part of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse community and connect with people like you who are motivated to lose the weight, reenergize, and maximize life.

Watch my video for the tips and advice you need to succeed on the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I can’t wait for you to get on the path to feeling great!

You can buy the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book in ebook or paperback in all stores including Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, Costco, BJ’s, Whole Foods, and online from Amazon.

JJ’s 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to lose the weight and kickstart a new journey – and this is exactly why I wrote the 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse book.

This cleanse gives you the results you want quickly, safely, and easily. My revolutionary cleanse includes meals and drinks that help support your body’s natural detoxification process and promote a healthy environment for good gut bacteria. Packed with 25 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks – you can rid your body of toxins and lose stubborn fat in just 7 days.

Read what Dr. Oz says about my 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar cleanse and watch my appearance on the Dr. Oz show where I talk about how to use apple cider vinegar to safely and naturally detox and kickstart fat-burning.

You can buy the 7-Day Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse book in ebook or paperback in all stores including Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, Costco, BJ’s, Whole Foods, and online from Amazon.

Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Support Your Health with JJ’s Supplements

We all need a little extra help sometimes to support cleansing, weight loss, and managing how our body burns calories and carbs.

My two premium supplements – Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus are a powerful duo to accelerate fat burning and enable natural cleansing.

Join the JJ Smith Facebook community to connect with others using Liver Focus and Blood Sugar Focus to feel great and look awesome.

Liver Focus for All-Natural Cleansing and Detoxing

Using a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals – trust Liver Focus for a safe, all-natural, and gentle liver cleanse and detox.

  • Safe and gentle gluten-free formulation.
  • Protect against toxins found in everyday environments.
  • Naturally increases your fat-burning capabilities
  • Improve your liver health and detoxifying abilities.

I want you to reap the rewards of having a healthy liver!

Watch my Liver Focus video to learn how this all-natural supplement helps you detox and lose belly fat.

Blood Sugar Focus to Maintain Your Health, Weight, and Energy Naturally

My proven Blood Sugar Focus formula is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight, increase energy levels, and normalize blood sugar levels.

  • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces glucose absorption and production.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels to prevent the body from storing fat
  • Helps keep your body in fat-burning mode so you can lose weight naturally and easily.
  • Ideal for diabetics, pre-diabetics, people with insulin resistance, PCOS, and anyone trying to lose weight.

Unlock your body’s ability to sustain healthy blood sugar levels so you can release stored body fat and get your energy back. As an extra bonus, Blood Sugar Focus manages your insulin hormone – helping to target and reduce belly fat!

I am passionate about educating you, your family, and friends about the natural ways to stay slim, restore health, and look and feel younger. I want you to know what I know and benefit from simple lifestyle habits that can help you meet your health and wellness goals.

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