detoxifying the liver

What is detoxing? Make sure you’re doing it safely

Written by JJ Smith, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author and Weight Loss Expert

Posted June 9th, 2020 under Detoxification, Health and Wellness

Detox your body naturally and safely for optimum health and beauty

Your body relies on a complex and fine balance of organs, systems, and functions to keep you living a full life. Fortunately, your body is super smart and can often compensate when you’re tired, dealing with a cold, or have an injury.

However, after time, too much damage and overloading of your body’s network of organs, cells, and systems, causes a breakdown. The signs can be very subtle but inside, your body is struggling to get you through your day and keeping you looking fresh, healthy, and slim.

You might notice you have bags under your eyes, are struggling to lose weight, feel sluggish, or are constantly bloated. These can all be signs your body needs a detox. Your organs, digestive system, immune system, cells, and other supporting functions are struggling to do their jobs.

A detox is a chance for your body to hit the reset button. You give it a chance to heal and recover from months and years of cumulative stress and high workload. When I talk about detoxing, I focus on your liver health.

My articles and videos about detoxing focus on the liver since the liver is your detox organ and I want you to understand how a liver detox helps your whole-body health. A safe and natural detox gives your liver a chance to heal and recover, allowing the rest of your organs and key systems to catch-up and recover.

When your liver is overworked, this puts a strain on the rest of your supporting organs and systems, causing a trickle-down impact, eventually resulting in complete body overload. The great news is detoxing the liver can be done safely and naturally, with simple lifestyle and diet changes.

Why Do a Detox?

You need a detox because your liver health and whole-body health depends on fully functioning organs, cells, and systems. A liver detox is the best way for you to support your whole-body health.

Your liver is your detox organ, powerhouse organ, and fat burning organ! Your liver has four primary functions key to keeping you energetic, healthy, and looking fantastic:

  1. Cleans and filters your blood. Your liver filters your blood, so harmful chemicals and toxins do not damage your heart and brain. This detoxification process breaks down the food and beverages you consume into safely absorbable nutrients.
  2. Creates and stores energy. Your liver creates protein so you can build and maintain muscle. An impaired liver makes it hard to build muscle, resulting in a build-up of fat.
  3. Metabolizes carbs and fat. Your liver is your fat burning organ. It is responsible for converting the carbs and fat you consume into energy. When your liver is overloaded, it cannot process carbs and fat effectively, making it hard for you to lose weight and keep your blood sugar levels controlled.
  4. Protects against toxins and chemicals. Your liver ensures harmful toxins and chemicals do not make it into your bloodstream, keeping you safe from lifelong damage to your heart, brain, and other organs.

When your liver is overloaded, it simply cannot do its jobs. This results in a weakened immune system, sluggish digestion, low energy levels, weight gain, and a chronic feeling of ill health and lethargy.

Remember, the liver is one piece in a complex network of organs and systems – when this piece is broken, the network collapses. And this is exactly why detoxing the liver is key to your whole-body health and organ function.

When your liver is healthy, body detoxification runs smoothly and efficiently. But as this video from Dr. Oz highlights, as soon as your liver becomes overworked, the detoxification process slows down, causing an accumulation of toxins, chemicals, and body fat. This puts you at risk for health complications including fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, and high blood sugar.

8 Signs of a Safe and Natural Liver Detox

There are so many liver detox programs, supplements, and articles making it confusing to understand how to detoxify the liver.

When you’re researching how to detox your liver safely and naturally, I want you to look for detox approaches that focus on your whole-body health and wellness. Keep in mind these eight signs of a safe and natural liver detox or cleanse:

  1. Focus on whole foods. Your liver and whole-body health is linked to the foods and beverages you consume. When you eat fresh unprocessed fruits, vegetables, proteins, and grains your liver does not need to work as hard to metabolize and breakdown the nutrients. Make sure the liver cleanse you choose incorporates these key liver superfoods.
  2. Slow and steady. There is no such thing as an overnight liver detox. Remember it took months of not-so-great habits to overload your liver, so it’s impossible to repair your liver and lose unwanted fat overnight. Be patient with your body as it heals and know your everyday healthy habits are slowly but surely healing your liver, removing toxins, supporting weight loss, and flushing waste from your body. For people doing a liver cleanse and taking Liver Focus, it takes on average 30 days to see benefits.
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your body is 60% water and your organs rely on water to function properly. Even minor dehydration causes your body to slow down, resulting in muscle cramps, nausea, weakness, sugar cravings, and lightheadedness. Look for a liver cleanse that encourages drinking one gallon of water during the day. Remember, hydration is key to peeing, pooping, and sweating – all essential to a successful liver detox.
  4. Exercise your body and mind. I want you to move your body. Go out for a walk with family members, encourage your girlfriends to meet up for an outdoor yoga class, hit the gym for a core class, or hop on your bike for a ride around your neighborhood. Exercise burns calories, fires up your metabolism, stimulates your digestive system, builds muscle, releases stress, and gets you sweating.
  5. All-natural liver supplement. A lot of liver detox programs want you to take powders, skip meals, or follow a complicated regimen. I really want you to choose a liver cleanse program with a priority on safety and using an all-natural supplement. You want to get rid of toxins and chemicals so you need an all-natural supplement like Liver Focus that is designed to help your body naturally defend against toxins.
  6. Balanced approach to diet and lifestyle. Yes, you need to eat healthful foods packed full of fiber, healthy carbs, and nutrients. However, it’s okay to have a pizza night with your family or to enjoy your favorite treat. Stay away from liver detox programs that force you to give up all of your favorite foods. This type of restricted eating is not sustainable or good for your mental and emotional health.
  7. Sleep and rest. A liver cleanse does put your body under stress. Because of this, it’s important to put a priority on sleep and rest. When you’re sleeping, your body is hard at work restoring your energy and repairing itself – so please – get your eight hours a night!
  8. Science-backed credentials. When researching how to detoxify your liver, put an emphasis on science. Look for a liver cleanse and support program that is clearly backed by science. Check the credentials of the person promoting the liver cleanse and triple-check the focus is on safe and natural principles of healthy food, rest, exercise, and whole-body health.

I am thrilled that you care about your liver and whole-body health. When you make your health and wellness a priority, the benefits just keep coming. A healthy liver is the key to lifelong energy, easy weight loss, a slim and sexy waistline, and feeling your best inside and out.

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